Friday, February 5, 2010

We Have Told Ourselves Lies That Aren't True

After giving blood at age 16, Rodney McKenzie, Jr. received a letter informing him that he was HIV positive. He decided to leave his family in Texas and move to New York to die alone. Almost everything he did in the next ten years could be traced back to this belief he had about himself, and it wasn't until he was 26 that he decided to face his diagnosis and be tested again. Turns out, he was healthy all along.

This is an amazing story to me because it makes tangible something that I think is universal, but often without such hard evidence. We all have things about ourselves that we feel we 'know'. We decide that we are something, or not something, and we cling to that decision and live our lives as if it was 'true'. This vid made me wonder what truths I was hanging on to. It's really a nice watch.

Via Feministing

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