Friday, February 5, 2010

Links of the Week

New Orleans bounce, a la DJ Jubilee, Partners N Crime, and their many followers are finally getting a chance to show how they are the roots of countless smash pop hits today, support them!...Just watch this, I don't know why but it's super-mesmerizing, and I ended up researching Afrikaans for like 2 hrs...It's stuff like this that makes me question how I determine whats a man and what's a machine....Don't ask don't tell seems to be on the breaking point, let your voice be heard!...Rumors flyin bout Bonnaroo, gotta say DMB is a big whatev. for me...Awesome essay about the effect of brain science on literature, I'll prob. post about it but it's def. worth the read...If anyone was wondering whether New Orleans was the next big thang, well my biased ass self says it is---we've only spent 5% of our recovery money! 95% TO GO..Terry Schiavo gets ripped open with this, I'm really not sure what to think...I'm a glutton for O'Reilly vs. Jon Stewart, although this fight wasn't quite as good as others...And, for the last time, with all my heart and soul...GEAUX SAINTS...I think Mike Lorando summed it up best:

Order more beer. Throw me something, mister. Suck da heads. Wear da dress. Stand up. Get crunk. Hug it out. Protect your eardrums. Pass the Kleenex. Hoist the trophy.

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