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My name is Kezia Kamenetz and I live in New Orleans, LA where I was born and raised with my partner Jordan. I currently practice Archetypal Dreamwork with clients in a one-on-one setting. I began my practice with my teacher and co-founder of North of Eden, Marc Bregman, over 4 years ago and have been on an amazing journey ever since. 

A lot of my personal journey has been about seeing the ways that I relied on others and their opinions of me to dictate the way I felt about myself. My natural love of people and interest in their lives was twisted to the extent that I felt worthless if I did not have everyone's approval. Going deeper, I learned about the high state of anxiety that being around other people induced in me, and saw how my own self-imposed sense of responsibility for the feelings of everyone around me often made me feel guilty. It was hard for me to just be me.

Under the guidance of my teacher Marc and other North of Eden teachers, I have been able to understand and deeply feel these parts of myself as they were revealed to me through dreams. I have learned a lot about myself, about my courage to feel hard things, my committment to my own integrity, and my deep desire for spiritual truth. I have learned that it's not my job to make sure everyone else is okay. Instead my life is a constant opportunity for me to be my deepest self. Through these discoveries, my deep love and compassion for others has been able to shine through in ways I never though possible, and I have experienced tremendous joy beginning my work as an Archetypal Dreamwork practitioner and writing about my experiences.

I started this blog, Full of Baloney, shortly after I began my work with Marc in the fall of 2009. I have always struggled with my identity as a writer but feel so grateful for all of the feedback and support I have received through keeping up with this site over the years. I am currently in a place where I'm able to embrace the writer in me and having readers like you is what makes that possible! So thanks. Please don't hesitate to contact me at KeziaVida DOT K @gmail.com if you have any questions, ideas, or insights related to this blog. I'd love to hear them!

For more nuts and bolts, I graduated from Yale University with a degree in Philosophy. I have a strong passion for social justice and believe that rigorous personal work is the key to any successful movement or community or organizational effort. I co-host a community radio program called WTUL News And Views, which you can listen to by clicking here. If you want to learn more about my personal journey through dreamwork, I invite you to read my personal statement on the North of Eden website, here

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