Friday, January 29, 2010

Links of the Week

Here's a weekly round-up...Have a lingering worry about free will? Don't worry, 4.4 million dollars has been invested in a PHILOSOPHER to settle the question...I don't know if there is anything that excites me more than a computer controlled by my brain...Really loved Bonnie's 'random' choices, especially the tree houses...Liv scoops chat roulette, before Fast Company, it's taking off!...Ever wondered what english sounds like to foreigners? Watch this video, it's so hilarious...Really interesting article about how a new version of 'start-up' could begin soon...I was struck by this, and really don't know where I stand: how does one use people in wheelchairs without being criticized?...also this made me DEEPLY HAPPY: a plus (aka normal) sized woman being used as a model in Glamour magazine---AND THE STORY WASNT THAT SHE WAS PLUS SIZED! I don't know if this can be celebrated enough, maybe the best part is that people haven't made a big deal about it..and, usual, it all comes down to the SAINTS VERSUS COLTS. ... Hopefully the NFL will stop trying to squeeze every freakin' dime possible out of the game...of course that would be impossible...If you are looking for a pre-game, check out this site: HistoryoftheSaints...We didn't have a winning season or make it to a playoff game for 20 years, we didn't win a playoff game for 33 years, didn't make it to the NFC championship for 39years , and now, in our 42 season, are finally going to the Superbowl....not to play the Katrina card, but honestly how could you be rooting for the Colts?

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