Friday, January 22, 2010

Links of the Week

Here's a weekly round up...Anya Kamenetz's new book is coming out in April! Here's a preview of the cover....And for some preview of the content, check out this brain picking's post...New York Times is manning up and gonna charge for content: my guess is, it's gonna work out fine...Ken Wilber gives a really interesting talk about integrated art, I loved it!...On LessWrong, a brave soul admits to being a theist, rationality ensues, pretty interesting...Chaos on the quantum level is explored...the fashion industry demonstrates once again how deeply fucked up they are...Really pissed about the supreme court decision? Do something bout it!...Could someone PLEASE tell me why 100,000 people watch these people EVERY SINGLE DAY? They're so boring, it's kind of mindblowing...and perhaps most importantly: GEAUX SAINTS!

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